Washover Shoes

Washover shoes provide an effective way to free stuck pipe found in the wellbore. Brama Carbide can provide a wide range of washover shoes that are designed specifically for use with thru-tubing. Our products will cut away and circulate out obstructions that are causing problems within the pipe that’s preventing movement.

Our washover shoes can be used in both simple and complex jobs. Easy clean out jobs like the removal of debris or more complex applications like dressing the top of a fish or milling over a packer or stuck plug our products are built with the proper design flexibility for more specialized applications.

Brama Carbide can help supply your job site with a variety of sizes and configurations which are designed and manufactured with the up-most quality and durability which will suit any application. With our variety we can find what you need for all standard washpipe sizes.

The shoes can be dressed with anyone of our cutting structures which includes (but not limited to) our tungsten carbide, carbide inserts etc.

Our Washover Shoe Benefits

  • Robust design is proven in the field
  • Can meet or build any design requirement to suit any application
  • Cutting structures are proven in the field
  • Ample variety of styles and cutting structures available
  • Designed and manufactured locally for fast, safe and efficient delivery

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