Brama Carbide’s downhole milling tools are designed with our Tungsten Carbide and designed to help you mill away any stuck fish that cannot be retrieved by other traditional fishing techniques. Our products provide a higher resistance to impact loads resulting in fewer round trips. Whether it’s light or heavy milling our parts will help you clean out restrictions with fewer problems.

Bladed Junk Mills

Equipped with the power and strength of tungsten carbide our bladed junk mills are created to ensure the best performance in every use. All of our tools are suitable for all kinds of general junk milling, the removing of squeeze tools, packers and retainers. Typically designs available are 3.5 to 28 inch with fishing necks ranging from 2 7/8 to 11 and 1/4 inch.

Cement Mills

Used for your day to day light milling our cement mills are designed to work well with retainers, bridge plugs, plugs, and float collars while not clogging from cement or formation. Brama’s open pattern helps cut tubular fish quickly and efficiently making it faster and more durable when cutting steel as opposed to a steel tooth bit. Cement mills are recommended for any of your operations that have a steel tooth bit alternative. Sizes range from 3 1/2 inch to 17 1/2 inch and fishing necks from 2 7/8 inch to 9 1/2 inch.

Millmaster Section Mills

Equipped with custom blended tungsten carbide inserts our Millmaster section mills are designed for economical milling, side-tracking and single pipe cutting with maximum footage and ROP. Thanks to our continuous chip breaker design we can generate steel cuttings which help to easily circulate out of the hole with minimum mud conditioning.

Pilot Mills

Suitable for any milling sections of tubular junk our Pilot mills can also be used as a dress mill. These dress mills are used for installing casing patches, other milling liner hangers or even other downhole tools. You can find these in sizes 3 1/4 inch to 17 inch and with fishing necks from 3 1/8 inch to 8 inches.

String Mills

You won’t find anything better for helping you clean out damaged liners, casing or tubing. Brama’s string taper mills taper from top to bottom which helps reaming operations come in from both directions and can also remove any keyseats in an open hole. With six spiral carbide blades and our pin x box up connections we can ground to any size

Taper Mills

Specifically designed to mill through tight tubular spots taper mills are designed with heavy crushed tungsten carbide dressing which will increase your ground OD as well as your on bottom time and stabilizer pads. This helps eliminate any of the risk of cutting through any of the sites casing. Taper Mills give you the ability to clean out tubing, liners, and other deformed/collapsed tubulars. Our sizes range from 3 1/2 inches to 17 1/2 inches and with fishing necks 3 1/8 inches to 9 1/2 inches.

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