Coil Tubing

Coiled Tubing equipment and applications have grown so much that it as become an essential part of the oil and gas industry.

Typically referring to a long metal pipe it is used for interventions in oil and gas wells as well as carry out similar operations to wire lining. The process typically involves pumping chemicals through the coil to push it down hole rather then relying on gravity. With the tubing being continuous it helps all drilling become self-contained.

Brama’s coiled tubing services provide shallow through deep typically covering any wells in today’s oil industry.

With innovative equipment our company has the ability to complete even the most challenging assignments (ex. small natural gas operations to deep operations to light oil wells.

As is the case in the oil industry the effectiveness of the equipment is dependant on the people who run it. Brama Carbide have quality and knowledgeable people that will deliver success on your next job.